Apologia General Science Module 12 Labs

Apr 18

This lab session was pure fun!   12.1 What Combustion Needs First, light a tealight and place it in a bowl.     Next, place a glass over the tealight and watch what happens.  (Ok, that’s a no brainer)     Relight the tealight, place it in vinegar add baking soda and watch what happens…..     Now, try to relight the...

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           Esther Queen of Persia Book Review!

Apr 17

  As a busy homeschool mom of 4 I rarely get time to read a book for pleasure.  When I do, I want to read something that pulls me quickly into the story.  Esther Queen of Persia:  A Courageous Woman for a Dangerous Time fits that description to a tee!     Danger, suspense, and faith fill these pages cover to cover as author Jim Baumgardner breathes...

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           Virtual Labs – Guest Post from Archimedes Online

Apr 16

  Interested in Online Science courses for your middle or high school student? Check out this guest post on Virtual Labs from Mary Abraham, Instructor and founder of Archimedes Academy Online!     Archimedes Academy Online provides quality junior high and high school science classes geared toward home school students. Students learn not simply to...

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           Tapestry of Grace Link Up #6

Apr 15

      It’s mid-April and this year’s finish line is in sight.   As we finish up, it’s a great time to give your homeschool a self-evaluation.  Sitting down, I am pondering these questions: What worked well academically? What didn’t work well academically? What activities worked well? Which activities didn’t work well? Name some high...

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           Checkout Pinspires.net – A New Christian Social Media Site!

Apr 14

  There’s a new social media site in town.  Created by Pastor Duke Taber, this one is decidedly Christian and called Pinspires.net .       You don’t have to worry about family UNfriendly content as Pinspires.net is monitored and reports of inappropriate pins are investigated promptly.   Pastor Duke writes: “I created...

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           The Elsa Dress from Oh Sew Sweet Designs!

Apr 11

  Oh Sew Sweet Designs specializes in handmade one of a kind creations for babies, toddlers, children and mommies too!     A while back, my son got to try a Dr. Suess tie created by Oh Sew Sweet Designs.  He loved it and received many compliments.   Recently on their Facebook page I saw the Elsa dress and knew my daughter would absolutely love...

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           American Crossings from Winter Promise Introduction

Apr 10

  Last year my 10 year old and I got to ‘test drive’ the Japan Unit Study from Spirited Autumn Hope, an offshoot of Winter Promise.   My daughter really enjoyed their Charlotte Mason approach and I loved the ease of using the premade schedule and teacher helps.   Since we homeschool year around, my daughter and I will be embarking on a...

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