1. Trena

    So I see you scratched MFW High School and went with this. Any particular reason? I used MFW from K-8th grade, but went a different route for high school so I’m always curious why people sway away from MFW high school.

    • Trena

      I should add… Stobaugh’s History and Literature were on my “short list” of choices when we decided to leave MFW.

      • Lisa

        Stobaugh’s Literature programs are thorough and heavy duty!!! If you go that route, definitely pick and choose which selections to do!!

    • Lisa

      Hi Trena,

      The emphasis on the Ancient World and Ancient Literature just wasn’t a good fit for my second born. After spending years with Tapestry of Grace and doing indepth readings and then switching to MFW for highschool, it was obvious that he needed something that was a bit more fast paced.

      Thanks for visiting and reading!

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