1. We really enjoyed Book 1 of the series, Science in the Beginning. I was very tempted to try the other books in the series as well.
    While I disliked science as a student, I have MANY science books that look fun for my kids, but we don’t get to them often.

    • Lisa

      Hi Trena,
      All the books in this series are so well written! I would recommend any of them to teach at home or in a co-op setting! Dr. Wile’s newest book, Science in the Age of Reason has just been released!

      Thanks for visiting and reading!

  2. Annie

    We are so excited to find this science series! Do you think we could start with Science in the Scientific Revolution since it coincides with our history timeline or do we need to start with science in the beginning?

    • Lisa

      Hi Annie,
      You can start wherever you need to! Science in the Scientific Revolution will be a great fit with your history studies!

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