1. Brooke Kaczor

    What a great review on an important topic. I like how you mentioned your own personal struggle with celebrating, and how this book helped to bring to light things for you. And yes I agree it is more than a war on Christmas but on Christ himself… Thank you!

  2. Your last two sentences said so much Lisa “Though I do believe there’s not just a war on the holiday – but on Christ our Lord period!” That is so true – we see it in all aspects of life.

    I also laud and join your war cry: As for me, I conclude that it’s best to keep an attitude of praise and thankfulness to my Savior and to remember his birth EVERYDAY!” I believe we are called to that – to be his peculiar people. I love the family time of gathering at Christmas and remembering we are only there because of Christ.

  3. This book is definitely a blessing! It has answered so many questions I failed to acknowledge over the years. I learned so much. And it is such a great tool to share Christ with people. Your review was personal and honest!

  4. Definitely a book I’d like to check out! We attended a Christmas Eve service several years ago at our church … the Pastor’s topic was something similar and we all left wondering just why we celebrating anything at all.

    The points were relevant and true – but we thought his timing was bad as there were a lot visitors on Christmas Eve – who often only take this small time to hear about Christ – and God has used this before.

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